Singe is a recurring character in Dragon's Lair and the aforementioned Dragon the series is named after. In the first game, Singe is the main antagonist, but since has become a secondary antagonist of the series after Mordroc's debut in Dragon's Lair II. As one of the main enemy's of Dirk the Daring, he is usually the one responsible for kidnapping Princess Daphne and holding her in the deepest chambers of his castle.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Singe is a large green dragon with a long snout, a large nose, purple in his horns, beard and ears and a yellow belly. He also has sharp teeth, long claws on his hands and feet and a spiky tail.

As a mythical dragon, singe is capable of breathing fire at high temperatures that even melt down gold. However unlike other dragons, Singe does not possess wings on his back therefore, he is not capable of flying but makes up for it with running at above average speeds. When up close, Singe can use his claws and tail to strangle or swipe away his foes.

Dragon's LairEdit


Sing is the fearsome dragon that has kidnapped Princess Daphne and sealed her inside of a barrier. As Dirk finally makes his way to Daphne, she informs him that he must use a key tied to Singe's neck to free her and he must use a magical sword to slay him for good. At first Singe is sleeping on a large pile of gold and Dirk attempts to sneak to the sword while he was asleep but Singe quickly wakes up and attacks him. Dirk hides and evades his attacks then finally obtains the sword, Slaying Singe immediately after.

Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair Edit

In the opening scene, Singe kidnaps Daphne and takes her back to his castle. His role is similar to that of the first dragon's lair where he sleeps on gold awaiting Dirk's arrival. However in this game, the battle between him and Dirk is different. Singe blasts shots of fire at Dirk that get redirected back to him from the use of his sword. Singe is once again slain in the same manner of the first game, which involves the magic sword being impaled through his chest.

Other Appearances Edit

Dragon's Lair (TV Series) Edit

Singe is one of the main antagonists in the television show but has many different changes. Singe can speak in complete sentences and commands to other beings that reside in the castle. He possesses magical items that reign terror on the land of Ethelred such as a golden bird that comes to life, speaks in his voice and can kidnap Princess Daphne effortlessly.

Trivia Edit

  • Singe's name is taken from the actual word Singe which means to burn superficially.
  • Despite being the Dragon named in the series, Singe does not appear in Dragon's Lair II or Dragon's Lair III.